Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hidden Truth


What is this world coming to?
What can you and I do?
Nothing I guess, because whatever we say they think it aint true...
They made up silly swine flu
Causing everyone to fear their crew
But all we need is our people to stay true
our countries to stay true
and our nation to stay true
because this war on terror is useless
abandoning families and leaving them lifeless...
How could they be so heartless?
There will be one day where they’ll lose track
and well fight back
and these media will be under attack
do we really need war?
It seems like it because they keep coming for more.
My bodies say no
but thinking about its time we should all GO


Barrack Said “the World Is Safer”
Because Osama is dead
Yet there are more slaves
Locked in a cage
Africa has been raped
Yet no body took the blame
We living in shame
Kids suffering, living in the streets
With no shelter or shoes
Millions wasted on war on terror
But some is hardly getting access to water
Humanity been abused
The wicked millionaires
Calling people to the devil
Illuminati Making up Religions
Bomb exploded
Then blame a beautiful religion
Peace, purity, submission and obedience
So why will I blow up innocent?
Elijah, Malcolm and martin all gone
But Africa is still breathing
Time to fight back and find the truth
Because the media lies
And takes us for fools
If Bush was never elected
I believe innocent kids wouldn’t die over oil and grease
Osama is dead? Well I will take my time and grieve
The world is not safe until every soul is clean
As a Muslim I declare my deen (Religion) means peace
I can’t stand to take the blame,these bombs and we have to take the blame
While they hide the truth and play with our brains

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s) featuring Iman Farah
Copyright © 2011

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