Friday, May 6, 2011


In life we have our different ways
They say friends come and go but family stays
For some it doesn’t make sense, even though it rhymes
Therefore, let Abdi try to find more fitting lines
Written in prose
Trying to reach out and keep it close

"If you look at what you have in life and what you desire, did you ever ask yourself where that attitude; that state of mind is coming from? It is only human if people try to keep the ‘state of being’ in coherence with their demand; this shapes us human in a way. When needs become more than necessities, when we try to define what being human really means – that is when we don’t make hold at physical appearance, some are more satisfied now with the story our genes might tell. Our looks might be a first finger print to some, but if that gives reason enough to call me human, I wonder what difference it made in previous centuries. Why did one group of people think of another group something less? I agree, this goes a bit too far as we all know what we are capable of when it comes to “retaining power” by simply demonising another race, faith and ideology. Let’s put the past and the politics aside for a while.

Why am I saying all that? Well, before you can identify yourself with someone, you need to get to know that person, and to find out what a person is really like, you have to look at ‘the road’ that person has taken before."

Abdi thinks that “roads” shape the personality of a person and therefore their life.

Abdi distinguishes between the freeway, the avenue, the boulevard, the side road and the pavementof life.

The Freeway
Chasing life on the fast lane today
Dressed in grey, the bodywork of my car
Leaning out of the window cigarette smoke; so far
I forgot myself, the last time I was told
They called me mister useless-unable-to-grab-a-hold
Misdeed was my miss indeed
Getting me into trouble, guess I was in need
Of someone I could have related to
Pretending as if it was new on you
The mind became deadened – if you didn’t know
Thrown into prison – time goes by slow
The very moment you announce me free
Society becomes a concrete jungle, freedom grown on trees
Paranoia and anxiety became my friend
Chasing life on the fast lane to the very end.

The Avenue
Shelter since birth just to give you a clue
Protection from both sides: elementary
Something you can’t take for granted: family
From the very start you are shown the way
The foundation is laid; still you are blessing the day
Hard work and dedication is what it took
The layout of your page in the picture book
The future is like a journey into the unknown
More like a challenge until you are fully grown
You are not really spoiled for choice
Even blessed with a mother you need to raise your voice
Life shifts like the shade
Shelter since birth can finally fade.

The Boulevard
Born with a silver spoon – a few problems apart
Ironically it feeds you for some time
Piled up, the façade of the banks deny a life of crime
Living it up, since the promising colonial era
After their independence their dependence became weirder
Globalisation seemed for your own good
Exploitation led unemployment to your neighbourhood
It is always the same; there’s no one to blame
When you try to pinpoint a name
As long the high streets look satisfied
Born with a silver spoon – means born with pride.

The Side Road
Looking at life from a distance; it is a heavy load
Of work and burden, always trying to please
The man giving credit, who never ceased
In his efforts to count the last drops of blood
Trying to bring in the harvest before the flood
No one had the choice neither the chance to chase
The life he desired or the choice to choose a race
Somehow it is always the same
Looking at life from a different view, there's no one to blame.

The Pavement
Destiny was destined to be the element
Paving the path of the future past
The road under construction ever built to last
Vast! Is the knowledge of the Almighty God
Life seems to us like a building plot
Faith paved the way to endeavour and strive
Destiny was destined to shape our life.

I distinguish between the freeway, the avenue, the boulevard, the side road and the pavement of life.

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