Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apologies from a poet

I don’t know where to start
But my anger sure went too far
Sorry to the people of TNP
But I had to say what,
I had to say, to get off my chest
Must have looked like a bloody mess
But here I am saying sorry
True apologies from a poet

Even if you didn’t notice me
But that was my argument poetry
I’m a poet damn it, hello I’m here
I should get a lot of credit you know
After poem after poem and nothing
Okay I’m sorry that was 
a cheap way of saying, how I feel
To cocky and rude but hey didn’t mean it
But truly in my sad little heart

I am apologising and no it isn’t
Any way of using it sarcastically
So I should just list it here and come forth
Realise my jealous behaviour
And apologise to those who I may have attacked

Sorry to Ismail it was just
mood swings of mines
It’s a woman thang
Sorry Hamza for objectifying you
But it’s your fault do you know
Your fitnah to the ladies

And sorry Pen ‘N’ Paper
That response to me was just beautiful
And I’ll always keep it with me
You swept me off my feet
You just smooth man
And I’ll like to say haha
To the women of this page and your fan base

To you three who are so talented
And the rest of the poets in this joint
Yes I said joint I can be hip to.
Somali-The nation of Poets
In our selves there’s a poet in all of us
With different flows and ways of the words
Stories and fantasies that we share  
Which are untold?
So Ramadan is around the corner
so please forgive me, and my childish ways
These are after all apologies from a poet
I’m sorry to you all and Thank you.

Idil Mahamed 
Copyright ©2011

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