Sunday, June 12, 2011

The closest thing

I aint bonnie smitten by Clyde, carrying out those crime sprees in the name of love
I aint heather lockhear trying to find that “perfect man”
See I’m smart enough to know he doesn’t exist

He is bound to have flaws and come to me imperfect
But in my eyes, I will probably be too busy being whipped that I will overlook it
Trying to understand him and I will be like a non science student trying to understand the core of chemistry
We are from the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s like ions from opposite charge that bound together creating that ionic compound, they become one and him and I become we
The imbalances between us is what links us together, the fact that he’s left handed and I write with the right, he’s an introvert and I’m an extrovert

Between us there is always that passion, those flames;
 It’s the way his brown eyes turn gray when he gets pissed
I know him like the back of my hand, and he was there for me, and helped put me together, and mend those broken pieces, when I was broken and damaged
He didn’t think I was damaged goods, but seen someone worth loving
He is confident, and humorous, a tad bit odd, but the closest thing to ideal, he’s more wonderful then wonderland
But all this isn’t what makes him beautiful, even though he’s pleasing to the eyes, and his six feet frame is such an advantage, but its more then that
It’s the way he loves god, and the fact that he will never love me as much as he loves he who created him from clay
It’s the way our conversations always comes back to the Quran, and the hadiths of the prophet (scw)
It’s the way he benefits me not only in this dunya, because I get to spend that time having such a superlative companion
It’s more then that
It’s the way he benefits me in the akhira

Yes that’s what makes him simply beautiful

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