Thursday, June 23, 2011

Done and gone

Taking that airplane and you just said hi to the graves
Let me in and let’s party in hell
Looking up you see the good-doers in heaven

Been there, done that,  is what you say
But you lost your way astray
Drink that alcohol up and you won’t feel any pain
Be like the Ganjaman and you would laugh all day

One life and only one of you
Bob Marley is dead and so would you

Dead and gone
No one would know!
The sun would arrive next day, and where are you?
Next to the graves with the snakes
Best-friends with Sheytan and now you have to pay

The key was there, but you couldn’t pick it up and pray
Lost 25 minutes of your day,
Oprah was your God today
But Allah was watching you all the way..

Surrender yourself before it’s too late.

Laila Siad
Copyright 2011

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