Thursday, June 23, 2011

Group Poem 21 (Somali Heroes): The Heroes Who Have Graced My Nation in a Good Way!

I wonder if you'll know
About the heroes that 
Touched our world in 
Unique ways....
I'm talking about the first
Somali Pilot, Asli Hassan Abade
Yes, you read that right. 

Ahmed Gureey
I come to know about him during my
research on those who have,
graced my nation in good way.

Have I mentioned the lady that died,
died aiming and fighting for our freedom?
Hawo Taako, they named her full of energy,
hope, pride, and brave.

committedly fought
in the front-line with a man none other than,
Dhagax Tuur with a spirit that screamed NEVER GIVE UP!

The love, and kindness of General Daud,
I have so much to talk about
So much that I am excited about
That I experience a joy beyond this world
And over the moon
When I look at this list of heroes
That graced my nation...

I zip a cup of tea, and ask my Mom
who else have graced our nation mom?
she replies smiling, son I was a little kid
but I  can still recall some of the best moments

The SYL movement, and their intention
to give up their dreams to see a
Somali Nation, is one of the highlights in my life
she says.

I go for more, and shake my head in awe of
the horeos that have graced my nation, and say

Did they have any poets who had motivated them?
she breaks into tears and says
Adan Cabdule (Tima Cade) was pivotal, and ever-
present, and courage them beyond limit.

She recited this piece that I even can't
translate it says:

"Wadigan i dooxo mindi dabka heysta
 Dabal aad taqaaniyo wiish kuma dalacaye
 Aawr dabar la'aan dhacacay war hooy
 Waxaa Dilay Dugaage
 Dib u fiirso war hooy hadagdagine daydayo
 Danta lagama boode".

I feel relieved, a mile visible on my face
I ask her if there were any poets,
that have landed on the front-line
another encouraging piece slipes from her mouth.

It says,
' Koofiyow adaa jiito dunida joogeyne
 Jahnaba lageeyow markaad jananaddii aado
Jirkeygi cada beey amleey jagac ku siyeen dheh
Jeeddaadu markaas beey indhuhu i jalidmeen dheh"
recited by none other than Sed Abdulle Hassan

We grow into  conversation
she says we've had the best currency
Kuumi, Taano, and Shillings.

Vauable, and ever-lasting,
this time I break into tears.
Trying to console me
she said the agriculture was
rich, and farmers were happy
singing a famous song
called Dhulkii Waa Barwaaqo"

Now, I break down beyong belief,
remembering my generation full
of disappoinments, and failure,
The Heroes That Have Graced My Nation In Good Way.

I said Mom, my nation's history
is the only thing that makes me
feel satified, how was it when it comes
to love back then?
The Heroes That Have Graced My Nation In Good Way

She recalls it, "The Best Love Era" Qeys and Leila
Elmi, and Hodan, I get candid, and Curiuosly say,
any piece of theirs you remember?

She says, yes son,
I was a follower of theirs.

Best line I've ever come across was
when Hodan's family rejected Elmi's
proposal, and Elmi fall sick,
his family trying to recoup his lose
brought home punch of beautiful naked
young ladies, and what come out of his
mouth was.

'Aniguba Qadra aan soo arkay iyo qaararkii Hodane
Inuun EEbaheey idin qatalin qariya laabtina"

One fine day, Hodan come to visit him,
but he was sleeping, she went back.

When his family told him the incident
when he wake up, he recite this piece.

"Harka galay hurdadu weey xuuntahay hoheey
maxaa i seexshay bal inaan habaar qabo maxaa
Hodan i weydaarshay? questioning his sleep.

Now, that I have enough
to talk about, I said thanks

My project is complete,
but am not sure if it's
gonna rock but surely it will
help my family (TNP) a lot.

She looked at me wondering
if I'm into gang, and I said Mom.

It's an online group of talented,
wonderful, lovely people
now, don't break into tears please!
they're the only hope I see in my

They are the only Heroes That Have Graced My Nation In Good Way!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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