Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiring One Peace Soldier

I want to help Somalia just like everyone else
But I didn’t know where to begin
The problems are so much that I want to give up after looking at the list
Somalia needs everything
Schools, Hospitals, Businesses
I wish I had the money to start them all
And I sure I will one day insha’allah

But what can I do today to help
I am the new generation, right, oh yea right
Just a Somali girl born and raised in the America
Whose family ran away from Somalia
I watch the news too and see how the mess became
the pictures of the teens with a gun
That horrible teenager that sells his service like a prostitute to the next man with money
Who blew up buildings and carries a gun
In the game of politics
Just following orders like a good soldier

But isn’t he part of the new generation too?
Why can’t I help him?
Shouldn’t I help him?
Why can’t I make him stop?
He won’t listen to me.
Okay but why not?
I’m sure he hates the mean men with the money
Who could anyone like them?
They ask him to risk his life
They ask him to sell his soul
How could he like that?
Why can't I get him to quit his job working for the ones with the corrupted hearts?
Wouldn’t we have peace if he put down his gun to work for me?
I am a way better boss than than that warmonger 

But I don’t know the teenager with a guy.
I was born in America.
I never went to Somalia before.
I don’t know any of those boys back home.
They are just pictures to me
So I asked my aunt who just came back from her trip to see the school that she started
I asked her do you know any of those teenage boys who need help
She looked at me in the strangest way and said I know a woman whose husband died
She said yes that the woman has three boys and she needs help
I said No does she have a 16-year-old boy I can help
But she said yes one of the boys is 16 but why does it matter to you
It does Eedo because if his father died, he might join the militia to get money
He might lose his soul, and his deen, and he will rob me when I come to the Mogadishu airport

I would rather ask him if he can work for me instead of the warlord
Why not?
I want peace in Somalia and he can help me
I will to hire for one peace soldier
I will to ask him if he wants to be a peace soldier for me
I will to ask him if he wants help from a girl he has never seen
I will to ask him to work for peace instead of war
How much do you send to people? Eedo
I send whatever I can afford
Okay then I will send him 100 every month to work for me
But he needs school or a business
Yes, I know but today he needs food
We will worry about school tomorrow.
Today is today. I want to help him today, not tomorrow
How can you study or have peace if you are hungry?
Call him now please?

Hello Mohamed?
I don’t know you and you don’t know me
But we are both Somali and we are both the new generation
I wanted to help someone and I picked you
I could have helped anyone else
I could have went shopping instead
I really did plan on spending these money on new shoes  
But decided I want to hire you
I want you to work for me as my peace soldier
You will not allowed to fight, rob, or steal
You will walk the path of peace
You will study and work hard
You will say no to the men who want to use your life
You will be my peace soldier

What so funny?
Is that easy?
You can do that?
I’m happy to hear this, but I better never see you on the news or I will fire you
You promise
Great, my brother you are welcome
What did you say?
What about your two brothers? And friends?
They need help too.
Well I am one person, but I will ask everyone
If they want to hire one peace soldier too
Thank you for starting the peace process today one person at a time
between one Somali girl living the in the Diaspora who graduated from university and one Somali boy living the Mogadishu who now does not need to pick up a gun to earn money because he has me
The new generation helping the new generation
Thank you Eedo so much for connecting the two of us.
I am so glad that I made a new friend today 
Hiring one peace soldier.

Sindiya Darman
Copyright © 2011

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