Thursday, June 23, 2011

Repentance of the Addict

Should you believe my sorry once again?
I’d be a constant liar and you’d be insane

Lapse and relapse again and again and again
No recovery in sight no hope of light I cant refrain

What can I say, I did it again
This time with no remorse or pain

I have lost count, but for sure I’ll do it again
Let your heavens open and wash my soul with rain

A glimpse of light and normality runs through my veins
With each breath I take a thousand joys I cant contain

Though known my fleeting joy cannot remain
From my soul this curse cannot destain

My face showing years defeat and strain
from vicious circle of choices I make that I cant explain

Shacked by excuses and habits of an iron chain
Overpowered by a mind I cannot re-train

My wasted life I cant regain
Without hope my addiction will reign

I'm truly sorry I really am
I only hope I'll pass this exam

Copyright © 2011

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