Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As Little As

As little as another dollar
makes a difference, he’s not even a scholar
doing his maths, thinking “what do I need in need”
parents raising the offspring, the future seed
generous is another spoonful for supper
Bismillah, let them be filled for another
day, fading characters teach you how to live
“if you don’t learn how to survive here, life becomes brief.”
from abroad flies in hope and the monthly support
awaited to ease her conscience and to distort
all the worries, we live and plan for the day
fetch water, trade semolina with rice
Somali bariis garnished with sukhar tastes really nice
from every cabin rises the scent of a different dish
when the sun sets they come together, their ideas of bliss
Insh’Allah, let them believe in a brighter tomorrow
they don’t show it on TV, a sincere smile shows no sorrow
following their daily routine
let me describe another scene.

As little as another dollar
makes a difference, she’s not even a scholar
following her dreams, a future for her offspring
drought might bring hardship, or have a sing
they stand up and take care of their elders
Alhamdulillah, let them be satisfied, while you render
their custom and culture into your language
their soul is singing and dancing, even if living conditions are savage
feel their rhythm and attitude towards life
and you might teach in the diaspora how to survive
“be grateful to what you have got”
you might take into account what you do and do not
“what do you need in need?”
as long you breathe and feed
the young and the old
confused about what you need to grab of a hold?
Masha’Allah, let them bless their stay
let them follow their path five times a day.

 Pen ‘N’ Paper
 Copyright © 2011

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