Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DADAAB isn't a refugee!!!

can you hear it ?
listen closely !!!
can you hear the heavy breathing
of those running from hell ?
isn't hell what drives people
to gather what left of their strength!
to embrace a journey taking them
down the road of death!
road infested with darkness
and the  humming  of the scavengers
where there is no rain , no trees ,
no shades , no summer breeze
or romantic nights
road paved with  agony
and the only choices left there
are the hard ones or death

despite all of that
the seekers don't
show any sign of fear
there is no smile left
in their pockets to spend
or a tear

keep walking and don't look back
there is no grief or burial
for those who can't survive
and the prayers are locked
in the dark allies of the heart
there are no loved ones
on the road of death
there are only hard choices or death

so keep walking until you survive
and what you get ?!!
DADAAB  is the prize!!!
as ironically as  it seems 
that the ends are like the beginnings
that death has many names and means
death has many names and means

N.B : DADAAB is designed for 90,000 but it hosts more than 300,000 before this crisis and u can imagine with this crisis still the aid organization insists on using it ..total disaster.

A silent genocide. 2004-2009 Dadaab refugeecamp - 90 kilometers from the somali border. the world biggest refugeecamp with apx. 300.000 people living there. a small girl collecting drinking water and brining it back to her family. NOOR

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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