Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cupid Must Die

Cupid arrow comes and brings…LIES

Whispered sweet lies of forever and dreams 
The briefest of love with the intensity of lifetimes
The Passion that consumed all fibres of my being
Erupting volcanoes, releasing raging tremors within me 
And when the sun rose, overtaking the moon
My love was gone, undeniably too soon

So I position myself to fantasies, plot and scheme
Of ways to recapture lost moments for keeps:
‘If blood is drawn with those pieces of broken dreams
if perhaps the wound are drawn sufficiently deep, 
surely a glimpse of the dream may be captured it seems’


‘if I drain my whole body of tears, 
fate may pity me and erase all my fears
cupid must acknowledge the sins he commits
and restore my soul, draping the hole he penetrates
so I cry and plea to dilute the pain of love

this the end, I give up hopeless and helpless
My heart was shot with the essence of hell
Illusions of painted love upon which I fell
But I refuse to be an object in cupids game
Form now… I’ll live not love, with great caution and care 

By  Eva
Copyright © 2008

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