Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If only I could, I would..

If I could change the world
I would, if I could
I'd take away pain and strife
I'd give everyone a perfect life

If I could bring peace
to one and all
I'd do it right now
I'd make the call

If I could work magic
and cure the sick
I'd do it this minute
I'd make it stick

If I could feed all the hungry
Make sure no one else was
I'd do it in a second
I'd do it without a doubt

If I could fix everyones' pain
Make them well and whole again
I would surely do it
If I could

If I could, I'd make the world well
I'd clean all pollution
in the rivers and streams
I'd make the world a place for
children to dream

If I could I'd do all this

If I could be your pillow
If I could warm your soul
If I could always be there
When life loses control

If I could be your water
When desert life winds bring
The worst life has to offer
I would be your song to sing

If I could be your ladder
To lift you from your pain
Then I could be fulfilled and
In your heart I would remain.

If I could change myself I
If I could change the world I

If I could change things with a
I would, but know, I simply can't

If I could go back years ago
To a gentler world than what we
I'd choose a peaceful, calmer
When it was easier to rhyme

If I could ease your troubled
Some words of wisdom I'd

I'd tell you that tomorrow's day
Will banish all your fears away

If I could just
Explain quite clearly
All that I mean
If it would just
Seem to be nearly
Plain and clean

If they could just
Appreciate it
I'd show my hand
But I would just
Hardly believe that
They'd understand

If I loved each person as I should
I'd make a difference, I know I

If I could I'd do all this
no doubt i would

I'm only one, it takes a few
To change this world of me and you..

Nomad WithDeen
Copyright © 2011

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