Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It must be a CURSE..

I do believe we have a curse,
It has been around since before my birth And believe you me, nothing is worse
Than this big black cloud I call our curse;

Let me explain, and maybe you will see
How I've come to my conclusion, of the cloud above me,

For nothing is more confusing in my life Than why all moments are
filled with strife;

Long ago, at my moment of birth
Born in a foreign land was the start of the curse,
For despair was wrapped around my neck so tight
I almost lost my life, before I had that first sight

Then as life goes on, and childhood began That damned curse, strikes again
A refugee so early, at such a young age
Lost my identity, before I was eight

Then the years, just passed me by
Always feeling bottled up inside
By the time I was ten, I started to pray
Pray to Allah, to save us one day

This was odd, and strange to me
For i was longing for a place to call home you see

At the age of twelve, I'd had enough
That curse had a way of making things rough;
But as time went on, and I prayed ever more
It wasn't long, until I had enough faith for war

So I started fighting back, in my own way But that way was wrong, I
see plainly today

The trouble I've seen and things that I've endured
Have made me hard, and not easily lured
But in those days, before my mind was ripe
All I could do was live my frustrating life

But one thing I've learned from all of the hell
Is we do have a home, and this I can tell

For no matter what the curse throws my way
I'm here, and sane, and able to say;
I know Allah is there, and I know He cares

And there isn't a thing in my past I would change
For if things had been different, then I wouldn't be the same;

Because of all I have suffered,
I've gained wisdom And have learned
that I must always keep my Faith in Him He won't desert me, nor in
this state will He let me be

For in this scheme of life, He Has a Plan you see
One that is worked especially for you and me;

The curse in our lives, that black cloud above Is a blessing in disguise,
Allah will take that cloud, and the silver lining He will install
And help us gain strength and knowledge from it all

As long as there is Hope, and we remember to pray
He will get us through whatever this curse throws our way..

Nomad WithDeen
Copyright © 2011

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