Sunday, November 27, 2011

Group 24 (Kenyan/Ethiopian Invasion ): Neighbor Of All Sort

What's your problem neighbor?
why would you help me if you,
in return gonna unsettle me?
the neighbor of all sorts.

Helping my people when doomed
giving them shelter and aid
calling the world to give me attention
the neighbor of all sorts.

Keeping me away from the limelight
by keeping me in dark like i never
belong to the world ever eh?
neighbor of all sorts.

You even represent me internationally
isn't the income result of the outcome
enough for you? once you loot you die for it
neighbor of all sorts.

Now you enter my home and wanna call the shots?
like you know every corners and staff eh, here is
stateless, peace-less, hopeless land that bears no one
to hangout with neighbor of all sorts.

You have done enough for us, but now you're
acting like we're desperate to play a game with you
quit being greedy man and let us move on
neighbor of all sorts.

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©201

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