Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Rules in Remembering You

There are no rules to remembering you.
No games to play.
No trick no win or lose.
No prior warning, It's games over my love.
Some days I'm good and other days I'm dying over you.
Patience and prayers what gets me through I feel peace when upon His name I call Tell me did I do you good?
Am I still your cadceed!
I know there is nothing you can do. These eyes will weep and this heart is in pain. Few seconds all it took for present tense to grey into past.
A piece of paper certified you as DOB and DOD!
Don't get me wrong.
His decree I accept and nothing is said unless He is content! But how am I to ever know, if you are proud of me!
Want you to repeat that quiz and I promise not to guess too quick!
Sit me down go over our family tree for one last time!
Trust me when I say, I finally know it by heart!
No abti or adheer can ridicule me!
And my af Somali isn't so bad! Can you tell I speak a word or two?
Smile now laughing cow is overthrown. You always said that will happen oneday, but guess What Tunisia, Yemen and Libya are all revolutionized!
And as I write this Stephen Lawrence’s murderers are sentenced at last!! But I learned today "Justice delayed is Justice denied". Father, there are no rules to remembering you May mercy of Him shower upon you

Sam Said
Copyright © 2012

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