Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poem ONE of 30-day poetry challenge (Why I Write)

You see it would be the first time, that I would be sharing my work
I let them into my mind, what will they think of my worth.. gives you a key to my turf, 
the shit I bury inside, my word revealing the dirt.
but I gotta let these people know my lips they speak with a curse, 
and I gotta let this spoken poem make people feel it in words,
want him to hear it and smirk, need her to hear it and hurt,
and I want the room to then applaud because they feel it in words
see I understand baby, it's ok... things lookin rough, had a LONG day,
and he who shares the pain aint there, he caused the pain then went away.
some problems big many so small, we start to think, things start to fall
and human nature turns small big so now we think we gottem all.
but i understand baby, its ok... things lookin rough, had a LONG day. 
mind says to free it with words so we can feel it in words.
for those who get me, worries hefty, thoughts are messy, let it go
some know the power of the word and if you feel it let it flow
write it in ink, read it in type, don`t matter how you let it show 
there`s something healthy when i write, see cuz my words can set the tone
if i got words i'm not alone, and if my poems could speak to those who are, my word you'd feel at home
dry cry...
promise the first time i heard the those lyrics i said, now Sizzla that's how i cry
and if in two words he brought meanin to it then what im feelins old news
there's others out here that hurt too, and if the magic in two words can tell it, Sizzla the power rest in you
express opinions state ur views, they add a beat call it a tune 
could be a story or a song, the spoken word, or a haiku
I swear I'll listen,
don't hold it in, your eyes they glisten
and I understand baby it's ok, things lookin rough had a long day 
but everybody needs to be heard
The lord he blessed us with a gift , language he taught us how to learn
now words i yearn
free it and let the pages burn, spit it and make their stomachs turn
i get you better when you write
send me a text about our fight and i'll apologise tomorrow
i didn't know you felt that way
when we were yellin at eachother sweety thats all you had to say
but when u write it play by play...i get to creep inside your mind and read your insight for the day
you enlighten me
and i see the beauty in these word, swear your intelligence it frightens me
now watch the fire it ignites in me 
to share these words it took some might in me..
this year i'm tryna find the light in me 
mind says to free with words, so you can feel me in words. 

Ismahan Ahmed 
Copyright © 2011

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