Sunday, April 22, 2012

Twisted Tales

Allah blessed us with Islam and such precious land
Made us into shades of caramel and chocolate brown
Our tongues may differ in dialects but the language is one
why then do we not appreciate Allahs grace after all is said and done?
Many listen to parables and old tales concocted by twisted minds
Then they mix with half truths to form a history book of lies store it in ancient minds
And upon this  foundations  are laid and generations raised False information born from fragile imaginations passed on from generation to generation
Young minds unable to tell what is fact from fiction fall victim
Elders continue to water the roots of evil and then complain of its bitter fruits 
And so slowly it becomes poison that runs through their veins  
Opening a gateway to ill pursuits
Decades of distrust because of old conflicts
Innocent men made to pay the price as though they were the convicts
This disease is contagious crippling the old and corrupting the young
Discrimination came from Iblis and tribalism is just another branch of his evil
Call yourself  Muslim while tracing the footsteps of the devil
Dear tribalist how can u blame me for what Allah made me ?
Put the mistakes of past men upon my shoulders and forsake me?
Family ties are severed and friendships buried in favour of  spreading the seeds of ignorance
Respected elders promote dated tribalist ideology inherited through hatred and arrogance
How can we accept being held hostage in our own land by belligerent fools
Intent on growing this cancer in young minds and using them as tools
Tribalism conceived from dead souls and hollow brains has dug many shallow graves
Made weak minded beings it slaves
Now the time has come for emancipation from this disease
Time to turn to Allah for ease from its release
To give the next generation freedom from tribalism and a chance at peace

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2012

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