Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Changed Ummah

Are we all thoughtless?  Why is it that we’re all changed because of society?
Why is that nowadays we look down on others? Don’t we all came from the same father!           
Why is that we’re willing to exchange 60 or 70 years for Eternity? Don’t we have morals anymore!
Why do we call jahiliya Instead of united ummah? Have we lost faith in ourselves!
Why is that our people suffer because of hunger? Yet our children throw plates at each other!
Did Islam really changed us, Or did we changed Islam?

Have we lost ourselves? Why is it that life in this Dunya feels important to some of us then Akhirah?
Am no different from you
But I settle for the greater reward any day
Why is that even in Ramadan when Satan is chained some of us dare to do bad deeds?
Is our Imaan that low?

Let’s recharge our imaan with taqwa
Blessed month of Ramadan is here
Chance we can wipe off all of our sins
Isn’t that worth striving for?
Take a sec and look back on last Ramadan
How many left us?

Another day we can walk on earth with humility
Before we are 6ft below it
When was the last time we visited grave?
Isn’t the grave our resting home?
Grave will either be garden of paradise or ditch of hell
Home where all that can benefit you is those good deeds

Let this be our wakeup call before death is
Would you rather regret in the grave or in this world?
At least in this world you could do something about it
Life in this world is never to please us
Rather to test our patience and our sacrifice
Let’s make most of this blessed month Insha Allah 

Yaya Ahmed
Copyright © 2012

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