Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 4 (Ramadan Poems): Sam Said

I want that type of sincerity 
That revives my faith
Beautifies my soul
And chapter me in page one
Of Riad-us-Saleheen
Reminding me that all 
Deeds are by intentions  

I want the sincerity of the  
three men from Bani Israel  
Who used their sincere deeds as a means to  
Obtain deliverance from their predicament

I am longing for that of type sincerity  
That if my feet step into sin it takes a step back
Out of Fear of Him

I want that type of sincerity
Where God watch over me
Amused how I abstain for His sake

I want that type of sincerity
where my right hand keeps 
secrets from my left hand  

I want that type of sincerity
Where I worship Him 
Not taking my lust as a Lord
Beside Him

I want that type of sincerity
Where I feel save knowing
My appearance do not matter
My wealth do not matter
But my intention and actions

I want that type of sincerity 
Where Iblees finds it hard
To mislead me

Until I achieve that type of sincerity
I will pray I am included in
‘Except sincere worshipers of Allah’
Note: inspired from reading chapter one of Riad-us-Saleheen

Sam Said
Copyright © 2012

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