Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 8 (Ramadan Poems): Idil Ahmed Mahamed

The Ramadan that I remember.

The Ramadan that I remember 
the pain is coming back to me
the days I counted and I never thought 
the coming Eid that you'd be gone,
felt so hurt and so alone,
everything of you was all gone just gone 
and silence is what I remembered and many tears 
they screamed at me "he is dead"
put my spirit down 
and I died too 
and your last words keep replaying in my mind
and the kindness you gave is all gone just gone
and the poor cried out your name 
what a great man you was 
I cry every other night that you died 
and he lived 
The Ramadan that I remember 
where I had no importance ,
wheres I felt I had no family 
No One 
and you was my family 
when you died they died too
no sunshine no happiness anymore 
The Ramadan that I remember 
when you died alone. 

Idil Ahmed Mahamed 
Copyright © 2012

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