Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Half Priced Deception

Security means we invest tax money in weapons while you remain ignorant and hungry. You see the truth is we oven bake your perception and let your taste buds tell you it’s nothing but your own creation.  You see if I told you of my intellectual capacity you would consider me vain, so you were taught to think because wisdom to the oppressor signals the coming pain. You would rather praise a black man for singing offensiveness that contaminates your children’s brain, or glamorise a woman for exposing her soft tissue. Apparently that is the definition of liberty; but if a woman covers her beauty it is an abomination that causes an issue.

You see the young must not be educated, because if they are who do you think would be the target if they retaliated. To control the masses the mentality must be eliminated so even those who strive to be educated must study something we have doctored. The fluoride in the water and the multitude of drugs on the market will keep the rest of the livestock accepting and unfrustrated.  You see if you consider yourself a revolutionist we will tag you with the title of conspiracy theorist and have you alienated.

You see most people judge you with just one look, because from early days of school we are taught to feel superior so I can read you like an open book. Or so I thought, maybe it’s a cover for my low self esteem or a disguise for my own selfish dream.  You see the relationship between man and reality is becoming a distant memory. Simply because reflection is only given to bank accounts and how to give back the interested infested overdraft amounts.  Sometimes I feel like a matador and I am battling to dodge today’s version of freedom, I wouldn’t even consider this a metaphor because the truth is in your face naked and raw.  

You see Moses (s.a) parted the sea so the Jews could flee prosecution; today the Palestinian suffers their war of attrition. Worst comes first, I am amazed at how the world is still stuck on observation, and the so called champions of freedom have the audacity to tell me about apartheid history as if I am blind to actuality, all the while the Palestinian children grow on an Indian like conservation, right this moment i feel like i have been slapped by irony. You see these words are not meant to tell you a story or to encourage your hypocrisy to trigger your sprinklers, because the world doesn’t need crocodile tears. If change is to come the citizen must shed his fears, get rid of weathered leather and stand up if you honestly want to make our days better.

Why do you think the rebel fights through endless nights and days, even when he knows he may never see the peaceful everglades, but for what he believes for his life he is willing to trades.  Malcolm X said by any means necessary sadly today it is the philosophy of the enemy,  wasn't that message sent to me. You see I can dream like Luther or be my destiny’s author. No one is born black listed ask yourself why none of the rich have their children in the military enlisted, and why your young are in the frontlines to the bullets and bombs gifted.

You see we only live once but our actions thunder or barely make a sound for eternity, or in your misery reside and count each passing moon. Would it matter the time or season, domination does not start in January and breaks for the summer in June.  Or find truth in constructed abnormality because outside of your windows the flowers no longer bloom. You see there is a plan behind this decree and it’s our slavery, and if you are naive to think that death brings an injunction order, what if I told you even your grave is also up for foreclosure.

Hamza Egal © copyright 2012 all rights reserved.  

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