Tuesday, January 29, 2013


When they stepped on my soil, I rose
When they sucked my leaves dry, I reached further
When they broke my stem, I looked up

When they said: “Sorry, your application is not going further”,
I always smiled to the skies.

When they said: “We have applicants of a higher calibre”,
I didn’t let my petals fall.
And if they did, I picked them up and fix myself.

I promised I would not stop searching-
Even though there would be sunflowers brighter than me;
Daises more innocent then me and clovers more lucky than me.

I would never stop my leaves from getting sunlight or my seeds from growing
I would never step back in the shade because I don’t belong there.
'I deserve to be photosynthesis like everyone else!'  

So come rain or shine; I will blossom through all the seasons
Until I reap the rewards of my labour.   

Abadir Hashi
Copyright © 2013

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