Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The beauty of Hijabs

How can I cover the beauty of a hijab in a poem
when the duty of a hijab is to cover the beauty of Allah’s creation
But there is just something beautiful about a Hijab I can’t wrap my head around.
So this goes out to the sisters and mothers who wear hijab’s like soldiers wear helmets, because they know the fight for perfection inthe eyes of Allah is never ending battle.
In my eyes, you are the super heroes who venture into the world against all adversity protecting beauty in the name of Islam
May Allah increase your iman and provide you with a home in Jannah Amiin
I’m sure at times it can be tough to live in a society where beauty is associated with the freedom to wear what one chooses but when one chooses a hijab it is deemed oppression
I am starting to realize there is beauty
in secrets and we despised those who can keep it
If you ever need a reminder
look up and know that the Earth wears
the atmosphere like a hijab
Protecting its beauty from
the rest of the universe
and that the beauty of a sister in a hijabis far greater
than any commodity
found on, or in its soil
It is a proven factthat he most beautiful
and revered treasuresin the world are protected by layers
Some may argue thathijabs are the definition of oppression
but their visions containfilters that deny witnessing that
hijabs actually compliment beauty
They say You are a diamond why pressure yourself?
remind them,because they have forgotten
diamonds are formed underground under immense pressure.
They tell you that you are gold but follow it with what is gold concealed by cloth?
Flawed, they have forgotten where gold comes from,deep in the bottom of earth and rich like a sisters commitment.
You are ambassadors of Islam proudly wear your hijabs like a crownand only those privileged enough can seethe strength of your will and dedication etched into its fabric
Let none enter your temples who have not first entered your heart
Lastly,If you are ever confronted by those who judge
and confuse security with servitude and oppression
tell them kindly conformity isn’t an optionhijab are
the definition of beauty and freedom is the opportunity to wear one.

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2012

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