Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cultures Collide

I'm easily distracted by the dark side; temptation has me questioning where my heart lies.
I keep my head, heels & standards high a lesson my mother gradually came in time.
I’ve travelled several places words can’t describe; my memories share a story full of pain & glory.
I wear my heart on my sleeve my cultures collide; I’m a nomad queen living this London life.
I grow through life with a mission in mind, my intentions are real I pray the motherland heals.
Distant memories replay in my mind like a childhood melody, I hymn in rhythm to an unknown song, and the soundtrack to my life is more than a song.

My morals keep me humble; on the road to success I see my mother’s eyes hoping to be the best.
The circus I see is a mix between friends & family, we all are sinners we just do it differently.
I wear my heart on my sleeve, pride on my back, circle got smaller so my visions on track.
My destiny is like my pen & my pad, I am the creator of what I never had.
I see the next generation behind me, I pray they age with wisdom you see I know how it feels when cultures collide.
We are the best & worst all at the same time.

Laila Duale
Copyright © 2013

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