Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mr. Achebe

I was at a client’s house yesterday when I saw a clip of Mr. Achebe on BBC. The TV was on mute so I could not tell what was going on but all along my heart kept repeating please do not let this be what I think it is. I tried my best to ignore the T.V and suddenly the client’s kid changed the channel. On my way home in the bus, I went on Facebook and there were too many people who dedicated their status to Mr. Achebe. It is never a good sign when many Facebookers start quoting a particular individual. Majority of the time, it is an indication of someone passing away. I cried in the bus.

I don’t ever remember feeling a strong sense of emptiness and sorrow for the death of someone famous and that too for someone I never met. Mr. Achebe’s books were among the first I read when I was learning English. I remember reading Home and Exile and losing track of time. I missed my classes that day but finished reading the book. It was worth it.

♥ Achebe! You will forever live through your words.

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