Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I pick up the news paper on the run.
I run and stay underground,
chasing hope, injustice is all I found.
Like a nomad, chasing the light at dawn.

She does it for the younger generation.
She runs and stays underground,
principles resonate, remain vivid and bound.
They see you and me as one nation.

He hides the pain, inflicted by society.
He runs and stays underground,
yet his feet lost solid ground.
Who is to blame, if not you and me.

Life has its own ways -
It runs and stays underground,
flies by at the speed of sound.
Are you up for the chase?

Underground, that is how I feel, underground is my state of mind.
Poetry, I used to grind, poetry is my waterwheel -

The old mill crushing injustice to pieces -
find me underground, the place I made peace with.

Copyright © 2013

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