Sunday, May 12, 2013


Darling my knees buckle in your line-of-sight; 
my delight, know you the simple diner-type but wine..
If the time-is-right eyes, still waters but your tongue is so calypso 
from your conversation wouldn't think you'd move 
your hips so delicate, as the flower but powerful your allure could guide me to your beach through the ocean, of this I'm shore 
so pure are my thoughts of you, if ever I get lost in you due this result will be, one can't calculate the cost of you and life's full of priceless vices, 
I think of my best and you're twice as nice as so, hummingbird if I might, surrender your tears love let, me bleed for your pain and drown in this red flood oh, you're worth it every second of every shift each sleepless night and early morning, each penny of every gift.

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2013

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