Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Passion

For me, writing is an escape from reality
A chance for me to forget everything that’s happening around me
The more I seem to write,
The more emotions I’m able to pour out.
The more I get rid of certain emotions,
I’m also able to pick myself up.
Writing has helped me open up more,
It has also helped me to confront a lot of things I couldn’t before.
Sometimes, I can be lost of words,
And also not being able to write,
For me, those are the worst days I know of,
Coz I feel as if my passion has ran out.
Writing is not only about escaping from my reality,
But it is also getting a chance to save someone from theirs too.
When life gets tough
And someone seems lost
I try to impact their lives with my writings.
Writing is an opportunity for me to explore my feelings, thoughts and dreams.
And opportunities for me to make someone else believe, in these too. 

Ayanii Mohamed
Copyright © 2013

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