Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Noble Clan Leader

Noblesse oblige, one must act to his position with honorable behavior, privilege entails to responsibility, tribes and clans with no sense of nobility, no sense of structure, with Darod, and  Dir, Hawiya, and Isaaq, I see no difference, nationality Somali, ethnically Somali, language Somali, and religion............. Islam, similar yet far from brotherly, sun rises on cold dead bodies, sets on hungry malnutrition children, torn for two decades, running from a past that never fades, future looks grim, hate is a sin, we water and let grow in our young,  my tribe will be the death of a man, With wealth comes power, with power comes prestige, with prestige comes responsibility, we are indeed from nobles, so noblesse oblige

Ayan Abdi
Copyright © 2013

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