Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terms & Conditions for sharing your poem

1.    This page is dedicated to all Soomaals, at home and abroad; therefore one of the requirements is that you identify as such.

2.    Poems by non-Somalis are occasionally posted on the condition that the poems are about the Soomaal people specifically and the Africa in general. I want to make it clear that TNP welcomes everyone regardless of how one identifies to join this space, take part in dialogue generated here and be part of this group.

3.    Email your poems with the title on the subject heading to somalipoets@gmail.com

4.    If you plagiarize or repeatedly submit plagiarized poems after receiving warning, all of your previous work will be deleted immediately and never shared on TNP again.

5.    No poems that insult or degrade or dehumanize any human being or group of people based on a particular identity will be posted. We are about celebrating people and challenging those ideologies that we disagree with in a respectful manner.

6.    The Nation of Poets reserves the right to reject any poem that does not comply with the overall mission of the group.

Halima Ahmed

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