Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ramadan Reminders: Poetry Edition! Day 4

       Fast End

I am
a lost wanderer,
not thinking
about hellfire
nor heaven.

I am
a lost wanderer,
seldom remembering,
rarely looking
for the path.

I am
 a lost wanderer,
for a month
maybe longer
to give
for a speed pump 
to slow me down.

I am
a lost wanderer,
with no prayer rug
ask me
to pray
 next you
help me
hang on
to my fleeting faith

I am
a lost wanderer,
to find stillness.
My peace is hiding
 far away
 between pillows
and blankets.
My peace is dusting
 in dark closets
I once knew.

Don’t judge
my shadow.                                                    
to my soul.

Nimo H. Farah 
Copyright © 2013

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