Sunday, August 18, 2013


“ I am not home-less, I am home-free”- Collin

 I focused on the word free
 Pictured  the creatures of liberation
unchaining the chains of freedom
As their, pure whiteness
Blinded  the world
And  their seeds of knowledge
Nurtured   us
Seeds so sweet
 Men fought over

  So awed in their beauty
  I observed
  Drooled at the sight
 Of   large wings
Covered with the feathers of peace
Escaping the  package of judgment
Drowned in the old picture
Of  dirty clothes
 Worn by the worthless
 Laying  on the  edge of the street
 waiting like  Dirty clothes
 On Sunday morning  

   And as they  lowered
Their  grace to the Earth
 I  went into my pockets
  Pulled  my hands filled
  with  bread    

 While, some accepted the offer
 Others  kindly refused
 Telling me that
Enjoyment to them
Was  living on Avenues
Where street lights became night lamps
And  ears  found comfortin the  sound of honking cars

Realizing happiness
had multiple forms
Like the different bone structure
Of African women
I smiled.

“ I am not home-less, I am home-free”- Collin

Hannah Ali
Copyright © 2013

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