Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Solace Of The Heart

The answer to all the things I was seeking, once the realisation of a good woman’s worth had set in. You walked patiently into my life when I couldn’t be with just any body for the sake of just having somebody.

When it came to love things never seemed to go my way, so I sat in waiting for something different, something just a little more. I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as before. Smiles, tears and goodbyes, they could do nothing about the emptiness in my eyes.

In the oceans of love there are realities and fantasies. I knew you were the one heaven meant for me, you merged the two and turned my life into a beautiful melody.

From me you can never expect a hurtful hand. Someone who is too ignorant to understand what it means to be a real man. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the one who gives you protection.

You placed your heart in my possession to keep. From that day you became the centre of every single thought every single heart beat. In your words I found trust, in your eyes I saw my future.

Through your love and affection my maker gave me a beautiful baby daughter. You laugh at me as I talk to her. Saying how envious I am of her, now that I have to share the love of her mother.

Time has intertwined our fate. You saved me from a world of hate and dishonesty. It doesn’t matter what life throws at me. Solace of the heart you give me every time your lips part.

Wisdom and beauty, nothing compares. You’re like a treasure that keeps on giving, like the heavens have seven layers. Would I be wrong to say god completed the blessings meant for me. That day you walked into my life, Allah knows how hard it is to be my wife.

You believe in my quests, for some reason I am chasing the world’s problems. Never a word of discouragement, strategy and compassion everyday she teaches me a new lesson.

If there is anything or anyone I should be thankful for, it’s you. You bring intelligence infused with elegance into my rugged world. 

With you by my side the load is never too heavy.Your beauty enchants me every sunrise, every sunset and in between every second of every moment. My appreciation for you goes beyond mere words, it’s deeply heartfelt.     

Hamza Egal © copyright2013 all rights reserved.  

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