Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cosmic Motion

I want to make love to you my African queen under the open African night, whilst embers from our fire wood lights the dark starry African sky,
The rhythmic African drum beat sensually plays in the distant background, the African beat throws us into a cosmic motion,
As our rhythmically dancing silhouettes become one in the pale moon light and we cause the earth to seismic under us,
Our thunderous wrestle and tussle beings to resemble that of the lion and the gazelle, as I bite into your neck and you hold on to my mane while feeling my weight,
Our eclipsing climax causes me to roar into the night and throws your body to shake and convulse,
Your embrace gets ever so tight, it leads to your nails digging into my flesh as your eyes get dazzled and bedazzled by the shooting stars above and I become one with them in unison as I too, shoot,
Like the still and calm waters of a lake our bodies become still, as the cool pleasant african breeze glides over us and lulls our conjoined bodies to serenity.

Aj Berbera
Copyright © 2014

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