Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I am Somali

I am Somali and I am proud, for I am the unconquered and the unconquerable,

I am Somali and I am a king among kings in a kingdom of kings,

I am Somali and I have rules but are never ruled,

I bow, bend nor kneel before any king, emperor or false god except to Allah the most high,

I am Somali and I am my brothers keeper for after God my kinsmen come second,

Many a men and nations befell to my spear of pride,

I am the product of the land to which my forefathers were born, bred, bled and buried,

I am Somali, the one endowed with the traditions and customs of his ancestors,

I lay my head on the lap of my mother, Earth. As my sight is cast upon the constellations that once guided the ones buried beneath,

I am Somali a simple nomad with piercing eyes, keen intellect, straight back and of towering hight,

While kings, emperors and men of past left stupendous monuments for all to see,

My noble forbears of past left me as their living and breathing monumental gift to the world,

I am Somali and there is none like me.

Aj Berbera
Copyright © 2013

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