Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Sweet humming from the predator bee
Circling around this cunning bee
Looking for a chance
Waiting for a glance
What a plan it had that little bee
There she stood alone in the wild forest
Striving for a tender touch of a unknown tourist
A red angel they called her swagger
Wet as spring night sweeter than sugar
There the rose was glamorous than ever
Dressed in a silky dreams for the one hers forever
Along came our night rider
Searching for the glorious kill
Someone to click on, some place to fill
And there was our day dreaming rose
So Introduction has been made time jut took a pause
He showed her the world and a word she believed
Well spoken words he said and the heart was deceived
She sow him in every corner of her past, present, and future dreams
A queen she thought not a joke in his schemes
At the night’s darkest hour a whisper has been heard
That said the unneeded details of the rose and devious lord
Morning came with a gloomy mist
Our story had a dreadful twist?
How could our angel look so dead
Or the loving words can be unsaid 
Left, hurt, broken under the painful ashes
Her dreams crumbled beneath her eye lashes
Behold here comes the knight of the night clashes
He took a glance to the remains he left behind
A soundless cry mumbling how could I be so blind
A smile she got from him saying I hope I have blown your mind
Don’t think too much he roared, time can never unwind
A hope he killed in a heart was nothing but too kind
He said you have been divinely used
While the lord of the night was being amused
"For her all she was and will ever be just “abused

Amal Shookari 
Copyright © 2014

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