Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I do not dream of Jannah or of castles made of gold, or of gardens, fountains and all that we’re told.
I do not dream of crystal glass and wine, I prefer tea. You see, all this is simply not my cup of tea.

I do not dream of pearls and gems, I’m not sold, or of musk, silk gowns and to be dolled.
I do not dream of rivers of wine, milk and honey. You see, I would rather swim in the sea.

I do not dream of the Hereafter or of tales of old, Blasphemy! You might find this rather bold.
I do not dream of hoor al-ayn, they don’t tempt me. You see, to be loved by one is enough for me.

I do dream of Him and of His sight to behold!
And of Heaven and Earth, and for all to unfold.
I do dream of life, death and its mystery,
But you see, in that faith lies true beauty.

To be free, to be happy.

Hamdi Khalif
Copyright © 2014

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