Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Back Up

When I got the worst news ever that shook my heart 
And threatened to steal everything from me 
How someone destroy my life so easily?
So carelessly
Then I remembered that only Allah can do that 
They were lying and trying to scare me 
If my life will be destroyed than let Allah do that me 
They could not do that 
So, I steadied my heart and dried my tears
Picked up my sword from the floor 
Ready to fight for what is most important to me
Test of strength of will 
My defense is my faith 
If they want to take my life than we can fight
To their shock and surprise 
That I stood up after that near death experience 
Quickly planned my war strategy 
Where are you going? 
Are you walking away? 
Just like that?
I thought that we were going to fight.
I had planned everything. 
I put everything on hold just to beat you
A burning wrath that was like a hurricane
Turn me in someone that has nothing to lose
Gathering all my resources and reinforcements
Oh well-I guess I can put away my sword. 
Send a prayer
The only one that destroy my destiny is Allah
So always get up even if it hurts 
Because thank Allah that you can still get up
In your worst tragedies, faith will get you to walk through the storm

*Best day Ever

- Sindiya Darman

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