Sunday, June 21, 2009


Editor's note: This is a cute about a very humane feeling, most if not all, of us have experience.
I don't know where to begin this
though a risk, I will share this piece
means a lot to me so please don't dismiss
probably u r reading these
I am hoping it will put u at peace.

The news flash in this;
I wanna make u my Mrs.
trust me, I am not making up this,
so let me make my please, please.

your words put my mind at ease,
Ur presence is a tease,
whilst your absence is a disease.
You know am never like this,
I know it looks like a squeeze,
So odd, feel like even the trees.
are defying the breeze.

Don't panic am appease.
Can't wait the day we kiss
the day I go to my knees,
then, take pics and say 'cheese'
then travel to the great cities
and the high seas.

Well, I like my fantasies,
they fly like the wild bees.
Haven't even told you any of this
and am already passing you my life keys
So till the day, my ego i seize
let it stay a Crush,
though, I feel like signing the lease.

Warsame Dirie

Copyright ©2009

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