Thursday, June 18, 2009


With a reluctant mind, I answer the daily routine call.

“Hello dear, get up it’s time”

How come across oceans you never fail to make this call?

Same words exchanged at every dusk, the voice gets sweeter by the years

Get up,

Do wudu,


Go to school,

Read verses from the Quran on your way there,

Keep hold of your tongue,

Keep your heart conscious of Allah swt,

“Dear, are you there”

Hmm, with a sleepy mind I mumble.

Dear, it’s time to pray!

Time for Fajr,

I hear the women scream in the market place,

I hear laughter of the children,

The almost incomprehensible concern of your mother,

I hear her say “why call the land of infidels”

The land where you have no one,

You say mama it’s a call for fajr,

Time to remind for fajr salah,

My sister over here, annoyed with the phone,Who inevitably calls at dusk?

He says “dear, my duty is accomplished”
Halima Ahmed
Copyright ©2009

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