Thursday, June 18, 2009


Editor's note: This poem beautifully summarize how most of the youth feel about Somalia. "I wish one day Somali can have peace and harmony"

Home of the brave is what I believe
Many obstacles in our way make it hard to achieve
Trying to get peace, place our life on the line
In the end of the day are we wasting our time
All the people want is Somalia to prosper
Haters say our country is inhospitable
I say it’s dang incredible
All that it’s wanting, all that it’s needs
Are leaders who are not deceiving
Choosing peoples’ lives over money
I wish one day Somali can have peace and harmony
When will the people come to consensus
Turmoil repeats its self like chorus verses
People crying for hope, desperate for change, yet full of despair
Wanting their country to repair
When that day happens our country will be
One of the greatest the world ever did see

Shamsi Sheikhuna

Copyright ©2009

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