Thursday, June 18, 2009


Editor's note: The issue of piracy has recently caused a lot of attention in the media, however, this is not something new that just happened overnight. We deplore any act of killing and stealing from the innocent, but what is really unfair is how the media presented this issue partial! The lives of Somalis lost were literally disregarded, and the fact that these pirates to many Somalis are protecting our shores from illegal activities that have been going on there for the past 15 or so years. Just because Somalia lacks a functioning government, does not make it right for countries to dump their toxic waste there so graciously!

Ocean is so huge my soul mount to nothing

ocean throwing me left and right, like helpless leaves in windy day but soon

I know this ocean will rest and I will see the sun set clear.

hungry and lost I am, but not pirate and thief I am.

toxic waste everywhere in my ocean and land,

and it runs in my veins todayyou want me to be silent while I get robbed

and poisoned and the "world" want to watch and laugh

for 18 years we have been killing each other and nobody blinked an eye

for view ships the world know now where Somalia is at the map

call me pirate but I wont watch while my legs crossed

test me and you won’t like my respond

hey world you not fair, for money you are slave

I guess money make the world turn

i was taught money don’t buy and do everything

but for everything there is consequences
you steal the smile out of our children’s faces,and replace it with tears and pain

World, I don’t care if you care, but don’t pollute our water and land

Warlords, thanks for opening the doors for every heartless waste management in this world
therefore expect me to report on duty as a pirate.

Farooq A

Copyright ©2009

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