Thursday, June 18, 2009

Editor's note: Just a reminder. This poem speaks for itself!

I'm writing this to remind the people
of all the things Allah
has given them so that they might thank him,
and that there are troubled people allaround the world,
take SOMALIA for example.
Somalia is our country, and it’s also one of many Islamic countries.
It is being destroyed by tribes, anger and all sorts of armies
Do we not wish for peace,Why can't we putt tribe aside and take it with ease.
Mothers and babies dying, and what are the reasons?
Is it because of the tribes, revenge or is it simply Somalia’s killings seasons?
It is very confusing; they think that fighting is going to solve everything,
But Allah (SWT) does not like those who start fights and wars, so it solves nothing.
Why can we not come together as muslimeen,
Those who fear Allah and fulfill their deen.
Allah is the cure,
Allah is the Key to peace and success,
We have to put our trust in Allah and make him our one and only address.
Fardowsa Cadaawe
Copyright ©2009

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