Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just a reminder for the Somali (Muslim) Youth

Editor's note: This poem serves as a reminder for our youth!I hope our hearts are always conscious of Allah swt and may he make us among the ummah of prophet Mohamed PBUH, and among the ones whom Allah swt is pleased with in the day of judgment!

Allah has send us prophets to get one simple message across,
which was simply to follow ALLAH's deen,
Placed two angels on our shoulders, to record what we do who are called kiramin katibeen.

He send us the quran to follow,
to show us happiness in life and not to be sorrow.
It will help us in meeting tomorrow.

He showed us the way in life,
its up to us whether we want to strive.
Some might think that having fun in this dunya,
is all that matters,
Looking up to, R&B singers,Gangsta's and actors.

Don't we know what is waiting for us in the hereafter?
And its that which matters, not this temporary dunya full of sin.
which allaah tested us within.

Life is a test,sometimes we find happiness, sometimes we are sad,
but that doesn't mean life is bad.
We have to struggle for what we want,when we fall we have to be able to stand.Death will reach you unplanned.

Brothers and sisters until you are alive, you still got the
chance to change your life,

If your a man get yourself a wife, instead of wasting your time in the hood,thinking its all good.
Sisters, Don't let shaitaan tell you what to do, you can simply burn it with the water of your wudu.

Remember ALLAH where ever you are,
In the sky, water, ground near or far.
He is the one we are returning to,
We are muslims me and You.

Let's behave like MUSLIMS, LIVE TOGETHER, GET THROUH IT TOGETHER no matter the weather.
Win from shaitaan,
who wishes to take us with him in hell fire
but he knows that ALLAH is the ONE who we desire.
Fardowsa Cadaawe
Copyright ©2009

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