Thursday, June 11, 2009

For my sisters of other faiths

You see me as a one, who is trapped in darkness,
One who is held back in time,
One who is subjected to the ruling of men,
One who is a follower of a faith that oppresses her,
One who is veiled,
One who is tortured and disrespected all under the acceptance of her religion.
You see me as the illiterate woman who cannot know
Right from wrong
Left from right
Darkness from light
Happiness from sorrow!
you think my sense of dressing as a sign of obedience to men, out of fear for men
But do you know my hijab symbolizes my sincerity to my faith?
My love for my creator
My respect for the Mothers of the believers
The respect for my body
My need to be independent
My desire to be recognizes as a woman of intellect
Why did most of the respectable women in history cover?
Virgin Mary!
Mother Therese?
Play boy women seldom make history!
I am independent!
Islam is not a religion that traps or enslaves me but rather a religion that liberates me
Makes others view me as a woman and respect me.
Indeed, the status of women in Islam can never ever be equal to that of the western perception
The first person who accepted Islam was a woman
And the first martyr of Islam was a woman!
The Prophet peace be upon him said “paradise lies under the feet of your mother”
How can you possibly say Islam oppresses me?
Tortures me?
Abuses me?
Don’t you see sister for interviews you wear clothes that reveal your body, in order to be selected.
You sell your dignity in order to please the men,
Your self-esteem depends on the men who praise you, the more you show, the more you are showered with praises.
You are dependent on men!
You waste your soul and beauty,
You sell your dignity and respect,
You’re fooling yourself,
And you think I am slave to men?
If your definition of freedom is pleasing men and enslavement defines respecting oneself, then I chose the latter with pride!
Halima Ahmed
Copyright ©2009


  1. powerfull poem..the feminsta beast inside of you is surely coming out this poem,..just hope the new generation of somali girls follow your advise and wisdom!

  2. Subhanallah, that was beautiful. Masha allah sister, I really enjoyed reading that poem. It was very well written and the message was crystal clear. Great job! =)