Saturday, June 6, 2009

Praying for the betterment of Somalia

So long, yet so little has changed! ! ! Is Somalia destined to be the way it’s? Media shows it as a failed state… Doesn’t that hurt or disturb the peace of your heart? Would we want our homes and families to be labeled as a “failure? ” When will we see Somalia as a country, and stop making it a tribal nation? We continue to be the nightmares of innocent mothers…don’t they deserve a peaceful home? We continue to deprive young children of their rights…aren’t they entitled to a better life in their own homeland? We continue to kill our neighbors and brothers and sisters… doesn’t Islam teach respecting the lives of humans? We continue to look elsewhere for shelter and better life….why are we making yourselves orphans intentionally? ? Warlords…why do they still have the ability to make us their slaves and use us for their benefits? ? ?
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Halima Ahmed

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