Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Land

Editor's note: Soomaaliyeey toosoo. Toosoo isku tiirsade ee hadba kiina taagdaranee. Taageera waligiine!! It's a sad truth that so many of us have failed over and over again to comprehend the beauty and the strong urge of unity right in our national anthem! I haven't come across a national anthem that is so relavant to its people than ours. Somalia ha noolato.

Get up of your negativity minds people
Get up and stand up for your rights
Get up from these unrest and pandemonium


Wake up from your gruesome dreams
Wake up to a new tomorrow
Wake up to a changed world
Wake up and become

Why are we divided when we are ONE?
Why kill your own when you can live at peace?
Why embrace the colonial scramble for Africa division?
Ahmed Gurey, Hawo Tako, and SYL fought for your freedom. What you have to give back?

I say
Somali it shall be
Somali it shall be

My Land
Your Land
Our Land
Somalia Land
The peoples Land
No one owns it but the Qaleek el samaawat walard (ALLAH)
Somalia United under one flag and religion.
Join the Movement and Unite Somalia.

Suban Khalif
Copyright © 2008

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