Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear Mr. President OBAMA

Editor's note: This is definitely a beautiful poem that captures Africa in such an intimate way...It's almost like being there, witnessing the dreams and hopes that Africans hold in their heart...The dream and possibilities that a Black man holds the highest position in the United States should not be mistaken for an absolutely abolish of racism in this society or any other. Would Obama truly be any different from his precedent, would he be able to delivery on half the things he said? Would the beauty in is words be contagious enough to paint the lives of the less fortunate beautiful? Only time shall tell..

I’ve been to a land
Where the culture is in abundance
And drips
As vast as sweat
The day stretches
Hours as many
As Matatu’s (Local buses)
Lining the streets
Where the roads crumble
As often as people’s dreams
Yet they never stop dreaming
A land
Where the lush beauty isn't just found
On the beaches of Malindi
Or in the private resorts of Mombasa
But on the faces of ordinary people
Woman, man and child alike.
A land where a unloved dictator
Sits on a thrown
Elected for a second term undemocratically
And talented young boys like Johnny
From the Masai market
Liter ever street corner
With a renewed hope
And a simple dream because of you
Dear Mr. President OBAMA
I hope your not just bringing change to America
But to your beloved home in Africa as well.

Hayat Ali Aka
“Twisted Elegance
Copyright ©2009

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