Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Ennui Status Quo!!!

I Crave To Be Inspired
But The Lucifer Inside Of Me Is Raging Like Fire
I Wish To Have Cars,Women And Glamorous Attire
But Yet It Seems 2 me These Neccesaties Are Like ChildHood DayDreams
It Seems I Have Everything I Need
But Yet I Refuse 2 Redeem
Ah Alas Higher Seer..Why Havent Thee Given Me A Diffrent Life
Another Race,A Bright Future InCluding Perhaps A Loving Wife
I Am Typical And Gallivant
A GalliMaufry Of This And That

But Like Obama's Campaign
I feel Change IS Coming
And Less Challenges Ahead Minus The Champagne
I Hear The Silent Gale Of Judgement Day Humming And Drumming Hardly In My Ear
Love Has Not Been kind 2 Me
But Something I Now Fear
It Seems 2 Me Nowadays Every Girl Looks Like A Gorgon
These Women Are All Guile
I Ignore Them And Classify Them Into CaseFiles.
Happily,I Concede Without Them That My Heart Flows Like The Nile.

This Is My Exposition
I Call It The Sadism Status Quo
Many Will DisAgree , Compliment. But I Assure You
This Theory Is Complied
Its A Demist And Cold Fragile World
But I Hope My Country Folks WIll Take Note And Let Their INNER lOVE uNFURL
tHIS Status Quo Was Written In A Day Of Ennui
Good Bye My Dear Friends And We'll Hopefull See Other Soon Surely.
Hyder Noor.
Copyright ©2008

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