Sunday, October 4, 2009

What is your Qabil?

I said that I loved you, I told my father I wanted to marry you.
but tonight my dear is the last you will see of me
my family refuses for me to marry you
and that the name you carry
they forbid for their grand children to carry too.

I never got the chance to add your a lovely respectful man
and when I’m feeling down you lend me a hand
and your words are wiser than any other man
how you worry when you miss a pray and to
every Dua you ask for the good of the health of all Muslims
but it’s your Qabli/clan I cannot have any relations with.

And when I utter your name my father screams until my ears bleed
until your gone out of my life and erased out of my mind,
maybe I can move on, maybe I can forget a perfect man
like you existed in my life.

And that now we are torn away from each other I feel as though my heart has been poked with a needle,
knowing you and I won’t be together
and that I can’t be your wife or to have your child
all the great things I feel about you
the worst worry my parents thought of you
was What is your Qabli/Clan?
And watching my father spit at the ground.

I knew then you was never going to be mine from then on.
We could just run away we could start a whole different life,
please take me with you please say we can mend this and try and say anything to change my father’s mind about you. Let this be the end of my tears, let us be married let our witness be Allah (swt).

Today I wanted my father’s blessing, I said that I loved you, and when I close my eyes I picture us happy with a family, Tonight you must let go of my hand leave the tears on my cheek let it be let me cry from here on, it’s the last you will see of me. To every dua I will make a wish, you would be the one I share janah/paradise with, and there Allah (swt) promises us everything, and if I make it Inshallah you will be my wish to stay with entity.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2009

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